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Client Comments


Below are some Client Comments on their experience after a session:


Feel so light and airy,

like a feather ~ floating,

No pain ~ No thought of pain,

No Anxiety ~ nor thoughts

that it will come again.

This is Peace ~ Tranquility

and Calm.


Thank you




It's a calmness that completely

comes over your body and

you feel like you are floating

and are weightless ~

No stress, No worries,

Just Peace and Harmony,



Thank you so much




So Relaxed, Light and Floaty is my whole body.

Really enjoyed the session, 

Looking forward to the next one.





Dear Joan,

My Jin Shin Jyutsu session with you was very relaxing. You were fully present and extremely generous.

JSJ is a truly wholesome system. I felt every flow though out my physical body. Your warm and caring heart/ hands made my very first JSJ experience

while visiting magical Ireland in September 2015 truly divine. Thank you so much and hoping to see you again in 2016

SM (Canada)

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